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    Load one round randomly per magazine, anywhere but the bottom, and begin normal shooting drills.


    Feel the condition, experience the malfunction.
    Type 3 Malfunction Simulation


    Develop the correct response to a real-life malfunction.
    Type 3 Malfunction in Reality
    The Type3MalfunctionRound® is made of a nylon plastic resin which is designed to protect the internal steel parts of the firearm from being damaged. The Type3MalfunctionRound® takes the beating of the slide instead of the gun.  Each Type3MalfunctionRound® will last roughly 500 shots before needing to be replaced. With too much wear, the Type3MalfunctionRound® can stay stuck in the barrel when stripping the magazine from the firearm.  While a training nuisance, a stuck Type3MalfunctionRound® is not dangerous. Simply discard the disposable round and use a new one.
    These are images of some of the early prototype testing I did a couple years ago. These photos show what the Type3MalfunctionRound looks like after 500 shots. In these images, the rounds have been fired 500 times with zero failures. The product is meant to take abuse and keep working.
    The product is providing the user not just a product, but a service. It provides the trainee with the opportunity to master the Type 3 through repetition.

    Training with the Type3MalfunctionRound®

    Stay in the fight! It is important that when doing your drills, no matter what is going on with the Type3MalfunctionRound®, that you stay in the fight. Don’t sit there and analyze!

    Sometimes the Type3MalfunctionRound® may do unpredictable things, just as live ammunition does unpredictable things. If Live ammunition can malfunction sometimes, so can a Malfunction Round.
    If the Type3MalfunctionRound® is not operating properly in your firearm, ensure that it is clean and in good repair. Inspect your magazines as well. Sometimes a faulty or dirty magazine or firearm can cause the not only the Type3MalfunctionRound® to not function but may compromise even live ammo from functioning reliably.

    Make sure your gun is clean and reliable if you’re planning on defending your life with it. If you’re one of those shooters that never cleans your gun, you’re increasing your chances of having a malfunction. And chances are, that malfunction will happen in the middle of a lethal force encounter. Murphy is alive and well! So let’s keep those guns clean and functioning and do some early prevention.

    I have seen cases where the Type3MalfunctionRound® as flown up and created a stovepipe. This seems to happen sometimes with 40 caliber handguns. If you get a type 2 out of the Type3MalfunctionRound®, bonus! Don’t stop and sit there and analyze and go, “Hey! It’s not supposed to do that!” No, clear it, and stay in the fight.
    I have seen magazines, where the Type3MalfunctionRound® does not separate from the magazine when stripping from the gun. If this is the case, go ahead and throw it down and go for your spare magazine. Do what you have to do. This seems to happen sometimes on single stack metal magazines.

    If you want to train to drop the gun on the ground and go for your back up gun, you can do that as well.

    The Type3MalfunctionRound® is a great training tool with endless possibilities for learning and training.

    So Enjoy! Train Hard! And Stay Safe!


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