• August 3, 2019

    Instructor Led Training

    There is no substitute for getting proper training on the range with a certified and experienced rangemaster. The training ideas and drills on this website and the Type3MalfunctionRound™ are not intended to replace formal training with an instructor, but to supplement it.

    However, just as it is important to get instructor led training, it is also equally important that you train on your own as well. Your instructor can only be with you 5% of the time. During the other 95%, you must practice what you trained with your trainer, on your own.

    And that’s what this site, this product, and these training videos are intended for. To help you continue your education and training. To show you some training drills you can do to practice not only the Type 3 Malfunction, but ALL your handgun training fundamentals in one or two simple drills. This can make very efficient use of your training time saving time and cost of ammo.

    A lot of people don’t train enough because they don’t know what to train or think they don’t have the time or can’t afford it. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. In fact, your training in the beginning should be so short, there’s no reason not to do it. Doing high volumes of shooting can waste time and money and develop bad habits.

    If you can do a couple drills that only take 50 or 60 rounds, and in that short time frame, exercise your grip, trigger control, recoil management, sight alignment, speed, accuracy, combat mindset, Type 3 Malfunction clearing, and emergency reloads, you are training very efficiently.

    We help you not only know what to train on when you get to the range, but how to train, and more importantly, to get your creative wheels turning and give you ideas so you can create your own drills.

    If you’re not already getting some type of formal training, we highly encourage you to seek it out. It helps so much. You get coaching and muzzle awareness and safety consciousness ingrained into you.

    Especially if you can take the time to do a 2- or 4-day handgun course at a training academy such as Front Sight Firearms Institute in Nevada. There are many great academies and NRA certified training instructors out there.

    At the very least, find a trainer in your local area and do a group class or private lesson.

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